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The Customer Experience Report: Finance Edition

This report explores some of the key strategies bankers need to achieve in order to successfully deliver a consistently positive customer experience strategy. 

Throughout the report, key trends and case studies are highlighted, as well as featured expert insights on customer retention, improving employee engagement and tips on how to utilise social media.


The Fintech Effect- Delivering Customer Experience in the Digital Age

The seemingly unstoppable ascent of technology in modern society presents both benefits and burdens to today’s businesses. This infographic outlines the current landscape relating to the fintech effect and delivering customer excellence in the digital age. 

Topics covered include:
  • Today’s landscape
  • Meeting the demands of tech-savvy customers
  • Developing consistency across multiple channels
  • Improving responses across digital channels
  • Using social media to improve customerexperience


Standard Life’s genius strategy for maintaining a 360˚ view of their customers

Convinced that, to thrive, financial services companies need to become more like retailers, and with a strategic role to establish Standard Life as a leading consumer retail brand which is front of mind when people think of a good home for their life savings; Standard Life is on track to differentiate itself from its competitors and lead the way to a more customer-centric future.  

In this exclusive interview Maya Fowell finds out how Standard Life are shifting focus from product marketing to an approach based on customer experience and how data-driven insight is being embedded into the company’s competitive strategy...


4 Steps to Ensuring Your Corporate Strategy Orbits the Customer

In order to earn the loyalty and trust of today’s consumer the financial services are increasing their focus on one key area. Knowing and understanding their clients. 

But the wants of the consumer are surging, these desires now not only encompass flexibility, efficiency and easy access to services but the omni-channel integration of banking activities and a smooth personalised service.

After compiling insights from a range of experts, we present this guide on how to ensure your corporate strategy closely orbits the consumer.


A&Q: Using Journey Maps to Understand and Measure The Impact Of Emotion On Customer Experience

Forrester Research Vice President and Research Director, Customer Experience, Michael Gazala will be presenting a keynote and lead a workshop exercise at the forthcoming Customer Experience Transformation for Financial Services event (15-17 September, London). Here is a sneak peek into the 3 questions Michael will be covering during the sessions, on how to use journey maps to understand and measure the impact of emotion on customer experience. 

For more information on how your firm can benchmark and measure customer experience in the Financial Services sector visit this Forrester page: http://forr.com/1HonEf0

Is your company keeping up with tech savvy customers?

Today's advancing digital capabilies are breeding a culture of tech savvy customers. Financial services companies are expected to perform consistently to meet rising client expectations and provide a seamless brand and customer experience. Download our infographic to find out more about current user expectations for an omni-channel customer experience in financial services. 

Become Customer-Obsessed Or Fail

What’s the top imperative at your company? If it’s not a transformation to make the company more customer-focused, you’re making a mistake. Technology and economic forces have changed the world so much that an obsession with winning, serving, and retaining customers is the only possible response. Find out more please download the blog below.

This blog post has been published with the permission of Forrester and first appeared on Michael Gazala's blog 

If you would like to read more from Forrester, please visit the website

The Power of Personalisation: From Novelty to Necessity

In order to remain competitive in a saturated market, financial institutions are endeavouring to shift power into the hands of the consumer by introducing elements of personalisation into their customer experience model. CX Network spoke exclusively to Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing & Community, Monzo about taking personalisation to a new level in the industry.

Challenges, Obstacles and Solutions: A Road Map to Customer Centricity in Financial Services

Organisations need to ensure they are meeting the needs of their customers through a customer-centric culture in order to retain their customer base; this is integral to business success in a highly saturated marketplace. CX Network spoke exclusively to two industry experts about the key challenges, obstacles and solutions in creating a customer-centric culture in the financial services industry.

The Mighty Sword: Social Media as a Customer Experience Tool in Financial Services

With their long history and important role in global society, financial institutions have traditionally been characterised as being conservative and risk averse.  Enter social media.  An open platform for customers to review their experiences, air grievances, freely share opinion and details about interactions with the organisations they choose to engage with. To the ears of a highly regulated industry, not used to this level of transparency, this sounds remarkably like a threat! But is it? In this in-depth article Customer Management IQ explore:

  • Why financial institutions can’t ignore social media
  • Social media as a customer service tool
  • How can financial services companies remain compliant?
  • The risks vs. rewards of implementing a social media strategy for financial institutions
  • The challenges of resource allocation


Assessing Maturity in Customer Experience- An Interview with Martin Dowson

Martin Dowson is a recognised CX expert, with specific focus within Financial Services. Having led several failing banks back from the edge of customer ‘blowout’, and developed marketing leading customer experience for others, his insight into the problem areas Financial Services can fall into is second to none.

Martin talks to us about how companies can assess their maturity in customer experience and what the major trends are within the industry.


Customer Management eBook: Meeting the Needs of the Digital, Social & Mobile Customer

Based on extensive research gleaned from surveying Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Officers, and Strategic Directors of Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, and Social Media, this eBook explores how organisations are approaching customer experience in today’s digital world. The aim is for these results to allow you to benchmark your own initiatives. It also highlights key trends from the survey that will help you better understand where digital investments are being made to help drive improvements to the customer experience.


The Customer Experience Evolution: Engaging with Customers at an Emotional Level

An interview with Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, Customers and Marketing at Standard Life

Customer Management IQ spoke with Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, Customers and Marketing at Standard Life about the current customer experience evolution in financial services. In this interview Ingledew shares top tips for inspiring advocacy and loyalty in the customer and his insights on engaging with your customers at an emotional level.


Customer Confidence is on the Rise

Understand how your clients can build on their customer confidence and leverage a stronger confidence level to build loyalty and to serve as a defence against new market entrants. 

CX Network have teamed up with key speaker Jim Marous, publisher of Retail Banking Strategies for The Financial Brand, to put together this new infographic looking at trends in customers’ loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction in the banking industry.

Exclusive Presentations

Employee Engagement: The key ingredient to CX success

At last year's Customer Experience Transformation: Financial Services Forum, Helene Gullen, Head of Customer Experience at UNUM shared tips on employee engagement and the key ingredient to customer experience success. Take a look at this presentation to find out how you can become a more customer-centric organisation and what other ideas you can expect at this year's event.


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